CIDAN folding machine K15 is extremely quick and easy to use, built in a sturdy construction. K15 is built for continuous running under the most demanding conditions. The machine is adapted for all types of folding of thinner materials.

  • An eccentric that minimizes wear and gives the best possible opening and closing speeds drives the clamping beam.
  • The clamping beam opens as the folding beam returns so that they are positioned for the next step simultaneously to save time.
  • The eccentric also gives the best possible clamping pressure.
  • As standard delivered with straight rail 30°, lower beam rail, double sided folding beam rail 7/10 mm and folding beam rail 20 mm. Folding beam rails with quick change tooling.
Foldning length: 3100 mm
Folding capacity steel: 1.5 mm
Folding capacity stainless: 0.9 mm
Folding capacity aluminium: 2.2 mm


  • Control system EasyLink, with touch screen for input and storage of folding operations
  • Clamping beam with straight rail 30°
  • Lower beam rail
  • Double sided folding beam rail 7/10 mm 
    (.275"/.394"), with quick change tooling
  • Folding beam rail 20 mm (.787"), with quick change tooling
  • Adjustable crowning of folding beam rail
  • Foot pedal


  • Control System ProLink X, with touch screen and graphic programming
  • Off line program for ProLink X
  • Motorized straight back gauge EGS or AGS
  • Ball transfers in back gauge table (standard on AGS and options on EGS)
  • Solid back gauge fingers (min. dimension 6 mm) (.236")
  • Squaring arm
  • Round straight rail, R=2.5 mm (.098")
  • Extra foot pedal with keyswitch
  • Hardened rails and tools (HRC 45)
  • Moveable foot pedal on rail
  • Increased folding beam speed
  • K15-30 kit to extend all rails to 3140 mm (10”-35/8”)
  • Folding beam rail 25 mm (0.984”)

Basic machine

K15-30 with control ProLink X 15'' screen. Straight rail 30°, lower beam rail and two folding beam rails (7/10 & 20 mm) are included.


Select the options you want the machine to be equipped with (all standard options are pre-selected). To learn more about the product, hover over the magnifying glass. The summary can be saved, printed or submitted to qualified CIDAN Machinery staff for a quote.

Control systems
Folding movement
Safety features on folding beam side
Cut-out in lower beam tooling
Back gauges
Extension, Right side (850 mm width)
Extension, intermediate (1400 mm width)
Extension, Left side (850 mm width)
Pneumatic valve unit for extensions
Squaring arm right side, AGS
Squaring arm left side, AGS
Back gauge fingers
Extra gauging rails