CIDAN cut to length line TURBO comes in two different configurations made for coil widths 1250 mm (49") and 1550 mm (61").

  • TURBO is designed with 50 mm (2") heavy duty side frames for feeding, straightening, slitting and cut to length.
  • The rolls are gear driven and the heavy solid rolls and other parts have been dimensioned for high production in maximum capacity.
  • TURBO has two sets of feeding rolls (one roll in each set is polyurethane coted) and seven straightening rolls as standard.
  • TURBO will handle pre-painted sheets and other sensitive materials with the option of having the straightening rolls chromed which minimizes scratches and marks on the surface.
Working length: 1550 mm
Material thickness steel: 2 mm
Material thickness stainless Steel: 1.25 mm
Material thickness aluminium: 3 mm


  • Straightening unit with seven rolls (diameter 110 mm / 4.33")
  • Sheet guide for in-feed
  • Guillotine shear with hold down beam and double edged blades
  • 2 sets of feeding units with each 2 rolls (2 polyurethan coated)
  • Programmable control system LineLink with touch screen and multiple languages
  • Control panel on the left side
  • Central lubrication
  • Foot pedal for remote feeding


  • Slitting unit with 1-8 pairs of slitting knives
  • Device for adding protective foil on one or two sides of the sheet, with brake
  • Hardened rolls -for stainless steel applications
  • Chromed rolls -for sensitive materials
  • Control panel on the right side
  • Manual or motorized decoilers
  • Stacking systems
  • Recoiling systems
  • Scrap rewinder (on customer request)
  • Cooling package for electrical cabinet
  • Forced cooling for cutting motor (for repetitive high volume cuts)

Basic machine

Turbo 15, incl. LineLink Control and foot pedal

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Slitting unit for Turbo 15
Placement of electric cabinet and control system
Stacking unit (3000 or 5000 kg)