With CIDAN PIVOTAL 360° foldingmachine just do like this:

1. Fold your part.
2. Swing out the beam.
3. Slide the part out – Finished!

With a traditional machine you have to use two parts and fold them separately. There will be extra welding and along with that, extra costs and problems. With PIVOTAL 360° it will be one piece, one seam and one welding (1+1+1) – simple! Not only that, the designer can freely choose where the seam will be! PIVOTAL 360° is made in a sturdy all-welded steel construction with cast iron side frames for stability.

Control system ProLink X, frequency control and 2.2 kW motor gives you a strong and easy-to-use machine, built for demanding conditions. PIVOTAL 360° is equipped with the popular AGS back gauge for the best accuracy. Ten gauging finger rails and flexibility to configure according to unique needs.

Foldning length: 2300 mm
Folding capacity steel: 1.25 mm
Folding capacity stainless: 0.8 mm
Folding capacity aluminium: 1.9 mm


  • Control System ProLink X, with touch screen and graphic programming. Variable folding beam speed (frequency control 2.2 kW motor)
  • Adjustable crowning of folding beam rail


  • Motorized back gauge AGS
  • Height adjustable back gauge
  • Off line program for ProLink X
  • Extra foot pedal with key switch
  • Auxiliary outputs

Basic machine

Select the options you want the machine to be equipped with (all standard options are pre-selected). To learn more about the product, hover over the magnifying glass. The summary can be saved, printed or submitted to qualified Petersen Machinery staff for a quote.

Control system
Back gauges
Extension, Right side (670 mm width)
Extension, Left side (670 mm width)
Extension, intermediate (840 mm width)
Pneumatic valve unit for extensions
Extra gauging rails